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PTAA, Pittsburgh Turkish American Association, was founded in 1973 in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, and is currently registered as a non-profit organization in Pennsylvania.

It traditionally serves the tri-state area around Pittsburgh, including Western Pennsylvania, Easter Ohio, and West Virginia. PTAA is a member of the ATAA, Assembly of Turkish American Associations. In the recent years, PTAA and TASA, University of Pittsburgh Turkish American Student Association, collaborated in joint activities to the benefit of the Turkish-American community. In its most active years, PTAA published and delivered a periodical "PTAA Digest" to more than 1000 recipients all over the USA. The purpose of the association is given in its by-laws as follows:

  1. To help provide means for strengthening the cultural ties between Turkey and the United States.
  2. To represent the Turkish - American community in Pittsburgh and vicinity in cultural activities.
  3. To provide means of communication among Turkish-Americans.
  4. To assist non-profit and charitable organizations in Turkey and the United States.
  5. To help Turkish families and students in their orientation with the Pittsburgh area.
  6. To raise funds to accomplish its purposes.

Since the advent of the Internet, the periodical has been discontinued. Instead, a web page has been introduced. In the recent years, the main activities of the PTAA has been:

  1. Hold social functions (such as new year's party, Turkish concerts, etc.) to give the Turkish-American community to get together;
  2. To support local non-profit organizations; USA-wide Turkish Associations (such as ATAA); and to support non-profit organizations in Turkey. This support has been monetary and also, occasionally, by delivery of needed materials.

Since 2000, PTAA also supported the TNR, Turkish Nationality Room, which is planned to be built in the Cathedral of Learning on the University of Pittsburgh Campus.

One of the new activities the new executive committee is planning to introduce is to provide services to Turks who come to Pittsburgh for the first time. These services include finding short term living quarters, helping with information and arranging transportation.

The PTAA elections are held every year at the end of September or the beginning of October and officers are elected from the members who are in good standing.

PTAA By-Laws

PTAA is registered as a charitable organization with the Department of State's Bureau of Charitable Organizations (Certificate of Registration).


  • PTAA

    P.O. Box 7545
    Pittsburgh, PA 15213



Certificate of Registration

  • Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
    Department of State Bureau of Corporations and Charitable Organizations
    Certificate of Registration
    No. 26971